Journalism and New Media

The Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University offers a minorand a master track in Journalism and New Media. Both programs are in Dutch and combine practical skills with in-depth academic study of the changing media landscape. The staff of Journalism and New Media is part of the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL). Their research is focused on the rhetorical construction of credibility in a changing mediascape.

Minor Program (30 etcs, in Dutch)

  • Introduction in Journalism (5 ects)
  • Introduction in Journalism Studies (5 ects)
  • Basic Writing Skills (5 ects)
  • Online Journalism (5 ects)
  • Seminars (2 ects)
  • Elective (Audio-Visual Journalism, Science Reporting or Internship, 8 ects)

Master Program(60 ects, in Dutch)

  • Rhetoric and Argumentation in Journalism (10 ects)
  • New Media & Society (10 ects)
  • Critical study of sources (10 ects)
  • Multimedia project (5 ects)
  • Internship (10 ects)
  • Tutorial & Masterthesis (15 ects)

Research Agenda

  1. Visual Rhetoric in the News
    (Prof. Dr. Jaap de Jong en Dr. Willem Koetsenruijter)
  2. The Construction of Crime in Journalism and Online Debate.
    (Drs. Peter Burger en Dr. Willem Koetsenruijter)
  3. The Rhetorical Style of Changing Media and Genres
    (Prof. Dr. Jaap de Jong)
  4. Professional Identity and the Production of News in a Changing Mediascape
    (Prof. Dr. Mark Deuze, Dr. Tom Van Hout)
  5. The Rhetoric of Numbers in the News
    (Dr. Willem Koetsenruijter)


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