In press: Linguistics in the Netherlands 2016

Linguistics in the Netherlands is een jaarlijkse publicatie van de AVT. De redactie van LIN2016 zijn Jenny Audring en Sander Lestrade.

LIN 2016 - Table of Contents

1. Dutch impersonal passives: Beyond volition and atelicity
Maaike Beliƫn

2. Expressing generic and transitory opinions in Greek: A semantic analysis of the verbs theoro and vrisko
Sofia Bimpikou

3. Complex language, complex thought? The relation between childrens production of double embeddings and Theory of Mind
Suzanne T.M. Bogaerds-Hazenberg & Petra Hendriks

4. Imperatives and politeness in Dutch
Helen de Hoop, Jetske Klatter, Gijs Mulder, Tijn Schmitz

5. Deriving Verb-cluster variation in Dutch and German
Jacqueline van Kampen

6. Phrasal and clausal comparatives in Dutch
Charlotte Gea Lindenbergh

7. Fragment answers with infinitives in a Flemish dialect
Kathy Rys & Albert Oosterhof

8. Voicing distinctions in the Dutch-German dialect continuum
Nina Ouddeken

9. Conditional use of prepositional phrases in Dutch: the case of zonder (without)
Alex Reuneke

10. Object relative clauses in Dutch-speaking children with High-Functioning Autism (HFA)
Jeannette Schaeffer & Bart Siekman

11. The Influence of L2 English and Immersion on L3 French in the Netherlands
Rosalinde Stadt, Aafke Hulk, Petra Sleeman

12. Definedness conditions on admission-of-ignorance moves
Luis Vicente

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