Linguistics in the Netherlands 2015

Linguistics in the Netherlands 2015 (AVT 32) is verschenen. De redactie was dit keer in handen van Björn Köhnlein & Jenny Audring. 

Abonnees van Linguistics in the Netherlands ontvangen een exemplaar van de bundel per post en kunnen de inhoud ook online lezen via de website van John Benjamins.


Tangled up in mood: Exploring Panará split ergativity (1-15)
Bernat Bardagil-Mas

Grammatical and pragmatic properties of the DP in children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) and in children with High Functioning Autism (HFA) (16-32)
Ava Creemers and Jeannette C. Schaeffer

Three types of suffixes in French: Discarding the learned / non-learned distinction (33-47)
Jan Don, Petra Sleeman and Thom Westveer

On the syntactic nature of the Dutch prefix (48-62)
Paula Fenger, Ava Creemers and Marlijn Meijer

Prepositional object gaps in British English (63-74)
James Griffiths and Craig Sailor

‘A relieved Obama’ won’t last long (75-87)
Helen de Hoop and Erica Kemperman

Crossover restrictions, A-bar pronouns and discourse antecedents (88-104)
Jacqueline van Kampen

A case of cultural evolution: The emergence of morphological case (105-115)
Sander Lestrade

Prosody, melody and rhythm in vocal music: The problem of textsetting in a linguistic perspective (116-129)
Teresa Proto

Distributive, collective and “everything” in between: Interpretation of universal quantifiers in child and adult language (130-141)
Liset Rouweler and Bart Hollebrandse

Events, locations and situations: On the interaction of negation and finiteness in Avar (142-154)
Pavel Rudnev

Acquisition of adjectival degree markers by Dutch- and Russian-speaking children: The richer the faster? (155-169)
Elena Tribushinina

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