Stage en werk

International Hrant Dink Foundation for Research in History Studies

The Support Fund for Research in History Studies promotes research, books, academic work and narratives which will contribute to determining by scientific methods and publicizing the people -in modern parlance; human rights defenders-, whose humanist acts of conscience influenced other people’s lives especially during 1915 in any providence of Anatolia. Application deadline is September 14th, 2012.

Stage Midden-Oostenstudies

In je bachelor kun je een stage plannen. Een stage tijdens je studie is erg goed om je te oriënteren op je toekomstige loopbaan. Het vult je studie aan met praktijkervaring. Hiermee doe je je eerste concrete werkervaring op.

Crisis Action Cairo

Crisis Action is an international, non-profit organization which aims to help avert conflicts and ensure governments fulfil their obligations to protect civilians. The organisation works closely with a diverse range of NGO partners to help them increase the impact of their responses to current and emerging conflict-related crises.

NIT beurzen Istanbul 2012 / NIT scholarships Istanbul 2012

Het Nederlands Instituut in Turkije (NIT) heeft enkele beurzen beschikbaar voor gevorderde studenten en promovendi voor een kort studieverblijf in Turkije. The Dutch Institute in Turkey (NIT) has grants available for advanced students and PhD candidates for a short research stay in Turkey.