Thu 12 November 2015 | WHAT's NEW?! | Moderation, Radicalisation or Both? The Trials and Tribulations of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan | Joas Wagemakers

On Thursday 12 November, Joas Wagemakers delivered a lecture on the trials and tribulations of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan in the lecture series "WHAT's NEW?! Current Research on Islam and the Middle East."

Moderation, Radicalisation or Both? The Trials and Tribulations of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan

Several political scientists have argued that allowing Islamist movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, to participate in the political system of a country causes them to become more moderate in their views. Such moderation, it is argued, happens because of the necessary cooperation with and concessions to others that politics usually entails. Others, however, have challenged this "inclusion-moderation" thesis by pointing out that repression has led to moderation, including in the case of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood. Wagemakers' talk contributes to this debate by analysing the history of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood's political views and how they have evolved in the context of politics in the kingdom and in relation to the regime.

Joas Wagemakers

Joas Wagemakers is currently working on a post-doctoral (Veni) project on Islamic activism in Jordan, which focuses on the intellectual history of quietist Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood in that country. Previously, he has worked as an assistant professor and post-doctoral research fellow of Islamic Studies at Radboud University in Nijmegen. His previous research focused on Islamism and Salafism in the Middle East, particularly Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian territories, but he has also written about international Jihadi-Salafi discourse. He has published extensively on these subjects, including A Quietist Jihadi: The Ideology and Influence of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi (Cambridge University Press, 2012) and Salafisme: Utopische idealen in een weerbarstige praktijk (Parthenon, 2014; with Martijn de Koning and Carmen Becker). Wagemakers also co-edits ZemZem, a Dutch-language journal on the Middle East, North Africa and Islam, and blogs on topics related to jihad at


WHAT's NEW?! is a lecture series organised by LUCIS and the department of Middle Eastern Studies. The lecture series focuses on current research on Islam and the Middle East.

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