New fellowship program at Leiden University’s Special Collections

The inauguration in 2015 of the new Juynboll Fellowship program enables researchers from all over the world to study the Arabic and Islamic collections of Leiden University Libraries. The program will support scholars to work at Leiden University with our extensive Special Collections focusing on these subjects for a period of one to two months annually.

Incentive for scholars working in the areas of Arabic and Islam

The Juynboll Foundation was founded in 2011 as the heir of the estate of the in 2010 deceased dr. G.H.A. Juynboll. One of the main objectives of the Juynboll Foundation is to promote scholarly work and research in the fields of Arabic and Islam. "Our collaboration with the Juynboll Foundation fits perfectly in the tradition of Leiden University Libraries." remarks Kurt De Belder, University Librarian at Leiden University. "Through the fellowships at our Scaliger Institute we facilitate in-depth research of primary sources and unique materials to further our understanding in a variety of disciplines.” The collaboration between the Scaliger Institute and the Juynboll Foundation is reflected in the new Juynboll Fellowship, enabling one or two scholars annually to study Leiden’s Special Collections.

Gautier Juynboll: a welcome guest in the Special Collections reading room

Dr. Gautier Juynboll maintained a strong bond with the library of Leiden University. As a young man he replaced Guus Huisman as curator of the collection of Arabic printed books. Juynboll wrote his magnum opus, the Encyclopedia of Canonical Hadith (published by Brill in 2007) by studying every morning in the reading room for several decades. Dr. Juynboll made many new friends in the library and he was always happy to help students and visitors. He expressed his affection for his colleagues in the reading room by dedicating his Studies on the Origins and Uses of Islamic Hadith (1996) to them.

Note for editors, not for publication

Fellowship applications will be reviewed by a scientific board consisting of: prof. dr. Petra Sijpesteijn (Professor of Arabic Language and Culture at Leiden University and member of the board of the Juynboll Foundation), prof. dr. Léon Buskens (Professor of Law and Culture in Muslim Societies at Leiden University and chair of the board of the Juynboll foundation), dr. Arnoud Vrolijk (Curator of Oriental collections of Leiden University Libraries) and Kasper van Ommen MA (Coordinator Scaliger Institute at Leiden University Libraries).

The closing date for applying for the Juynboll Fellowship is May 1st 2015.

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