What is the Leiden Islam Academie?


The Leiden Islam Academie is the Islam academy that makes use of its existing expertise in the field of Islam and Muslim societies available at Leiden University for the benefit and needs of Dutch society. Its program provides short courses (online, evening, or tailor-made) and commissioned research. They are aimed at Dutch civil society institutions, specific professional groups (lawyers, diplomats, bankers, etc.), the Dutch Muslim community, and individually interested parties. The topics are variable, and include Islamic bio-ethics, training of imams, Islamic education, Islamic family law, and Islam & politics. While some topics are related to the Muslim world, most topics deal with issues and situations in the Netherlands. In doing so, Leiden University wants to contribute to an improved understanding of issues related to Islam and its communities both inside and outside the Netherlands.

Laatst Gewijzigd: 23-10-2015