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7 to 9 December 2015 conference Ocean of Law: Intermixed Legal Systems across the Indian Ocean World, 1550-1950

Legal history in connection with the Indian Ocean world is relatively a new field. Interdisciplinary research and cooperation of scholars working on early-modern and modern history of the broader Indian Ocean world help trace back the journeys of legal ideas and to reconstruct these legal histories. This conference will provide a platform for scholars to discuss and share their work.

Thu 10 December 2015 | Guiding Travelers Workshop: Visual Religion

On Thursday 10 December 2015 a workshop will be organised within the "Guiding Travelers" initiative. The meeting takes place from 11:00-13:00 hours in Vrieshof 1/001. This workshop is part of a series of events that are organised by the Guiding Travelers Program and co-sponsered by Global Interactions . For more information about this initiative, please visit the  website . 

Thur 3 - Sat 5 December 2015 | Juynboll Conference | Islam @ 250

From Thursday 3 to Saturday 5 December, the Juynboll Conference, titled: Islam @ 250, will be held. The conference will focus on the first three centuries of Islam and will touch subjects such as Qur’ānic studies, law, theology and political thought. Keynote-speaker: Maribel Fierro. Venues: Gravensteen and the Lipsius

Nov-Dec 2015 | LUCIS Fall Fellow Camilla Adang

In November and December 2015 LUCIS Fall Fellow Camilla Adang will deliver five public lectures on Ibn Ḥazm of Cordoba and the Ẓāhirī school of law and theology. Time: Wednesdays, 15.15-17.00 hours. Venues: Lipsius 228, 227 and Eyckhof 3/005, Leiden University. The lectures are open to all.