Leiden English Freshers

LEF is the student drama society of the English Department.

It was set up a little over 15 years ago to introduce English freshers (first-year students) to the world of English theatre; although most of the people involved now are not freshers, most study English in Leiden. However, we also have members with some other connection to Leiden or English.

Over time we have evolved into a successful amateur theatre group, casting experienced actors and crew as well as complete beginners, and staging at least one English language play each year. Our aim is to create a high quality play while having fun. Plays vary from the inevitable Shakespeare to more modern plays, such as J. M. Barrie's Dear Brutus, and George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion.

We are convinced – but can’t prove – LEF members tend to graduate with higher marks, better stories and at least a few Shakespearean soliloquies to impress the family.

There is more to LEF than rehearsals. We often have a drink together afterwards, and regularly organize parties. Every production also has a Rehearsal Weekend, usually on location somewhere in the Netherlands. At the beginning of each academic year we organize acting workshops, and we usually perform a short play during the El Cid week.

We are always looking for new talent. Experience is welcome, but not necessary; enthusiasm is, however, very vital! Many of our members are students from the English Department, but anyone is welcome to join.

If you are less fond of the lime-light, there are also ample opportunities to work backstage as we have jobs for Stage Managers, Costume Designers, Make-up Artists and people to show their skills on Props or Set.

Contact us

For more information, check out our website or contact us via email. You can also find us on Facebook and Youtube.

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