The Albion Association

The Albion Association is the study association for everyone who studies English Language and Culture at Leiden University (be it a Bachelor or a Master student). We provide the students with both fun and support, by organising entertainment and intellectually responsible activities.

Since Albion’s creation over 20 years ago it has evolved and grown immensely, generating a rich history over time. Throughout those years Albion has known many members, both active committee members as well as general members, all of them adding their own unique and personal touch to the character of our association.

Our goal is to create a community where all English students get to know each other. A community where we all help each other, and because of this, go to the classes feeling like they are a part of something bigger. We try to reach this goal by getting to know you, the students, and introducing you to other students of English while having a great time. We believe fun can be found in a good conversation; movie nights; parties; as well as in more challenging activities such as lectures organised by Albion. Come to one of our activities and feel how being a member of the Albion Association changes your study experience!

Feel free to join any of our upcoming activities and see how being a member of the Albion Association can change your study experience here in Leiden.

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