Stage en werk

Stage binnen Chinastudies

In je bachelor kun je een stage plannen. Een stage tijdens je studie is erg goed om je te oriënteren op je toekomstige loopbaan. Het vult je studie aan met praktijkervaring. Hiermee doe je je eerste concrete werkervaring op.

Everpads, Rotterdam

Everpads™ is a Taiwan company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. We are specialized in the manufacturing of spare parts of road construction machinery.   In view of our growing business we are planning to recruite 2 internship students to assist our sales crew. As a Taiwan company we can offer your students a perfect environment to practice Chinese and observe Chinese business culture in the closest distance. Placed on the 27th of January 2014.

RAI Amsterdam Exhibitions

International trainee METS project team.You are a fluent English speaker and writer. Because of our clientele, we are looking for a native Chinese student. Period: April-December 2013. Until August, it is possible to work 4 days a week, from September you are required to work 5 days a week. Geplaatst op 8 november 2012